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Polymer Coating Company (Polymer Coating Co., Ltd.)

is manufacturer and seller of various chemical products that was researching and developing. The company was established in 2001 for production, development and sale then introduce about chemical products that are high qualities for construction, repair and industrial factory.

Moreover we engrossed in development and make a new innovation with our products to respond the customer’s requirement.
Nowadays, Polymer Coating Company is enlarging the production system to respond marketing requirement that are growing up by start in foreign such as China Laos Vietnam and grand opening in Thailand in April, 2010 which accepted very well from construction material shops in Bangkok and other.


PC Product Innovation for You


  • Suggest the high quality product that are developing
  • Respond the various customer’s requirement
  • Support the product development for respond and suitable with every jobs
  • Create innovation to develop the product toward highest satisfaction of customer